Our Mission

What is Radio Free Lightning Bug, and why does it exist?

Here’s the thing, friends.

I owe pop music a debt. Not to get too maudlin over it, but it has enhanced my life. By extension, so have the people who make it.

Dedicating one’s life to making music for people to love isn’t exactly the path of least resistance in our society that has to turn everything into a Darwinian commodity. With fragmentation of media, and a distinct lack of trustworthy curation in our current era, pop music needs people to champion it.

Am I a hugely influential impresario likely to change the course of history for music-makers? Well, no.

But here’s what I am; a fan.

I am a music fan. And I know my shit.

Over the past number of years as a music writer and interviewer, I have encountered music from all corners of the earth made by independent musicians and those on recognizable labels alike that deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

I want to help make that happen.

That is the reason Radio Free Lightning Bug exists; to cast even a small point of light on great music and to champion artists so that they can to continue in their own missions to create singles, EPs, albums, rock operas, whatever, that capture our imaginations and help us focus on our common experience as fans.

This is an uncertain world, friends. And assholes seem to be in charge of it right now.

But we have music to inspire us to connect the threads of our lives together, to recognize the humanity in each other, and to tear up the fucking seats every once and a while, too; figuratively, literally, or both. I am grateful for that. So are you, I suspect.

So listen, watch, join in the discussion, subscribe!

Discover what’s out there by tuning in here!

There is so much out there to hear.

Don’t miss it.


Rob Jones