Royal Sings “Vessel”

Spare and stark, awash in late Autumn rainy-day melancholy and with a soulful vocal at the center of it all. Vancouver’s Royal (neé Jodi Pederson), lays it bare on this solo acoustic version of a track off of her most recent record, Heart of Shadows, released last week.

The song explores a familiar theme of losing oneself in longing for another, a thread that runs through many of the songs on the record.

Here’s the studio version, which puts a distinct downtempo electronica spin on the song. Yet, that melancholy remains.

For more on Royal, investigate her website.

Happy listening!

Blame Candy Play “Sweet Tooth”

This is something of a band anthem, and even a full blown mission statement for New Jersey’s Blame Candy; multi-layered glam-rock with a sense of fun and bravado built right in, reminiscent of early Queen, and (yes) The Sweet.

Excessive, sure. But that’s kind of the point, kids.


Blame Candy are: Chris Greatti (vocals, lead guitar), Aaron Deming (guitar, vocals), Ryan Wheeler (bass, vocals),and Sam Palombo (drums).

This is the band’s newest single released last month, serving as a taste of why they’ve garnered a cult following in New York club scenes.Since then, they’ve recently debuted on the West Coast, too, specifically Los Angeles where their American glam-rock sound is native.

Learn more about Blame Candy here.

Happy listening!

Still Corners Play “The Message”

Austin Texas’ Still Corners render this down-the-highway lament characterized by ghostly and haunted vocals packed with reverb and regret. This otherworldly and autumnal cut that is the soundtrack for impending winter and complete with Cat Power and Chris Isaak-like melancholy is taken from the band’s newest disc Slow Air.

Listen here.

As I type this, the band are on tour to support the record including an appearance at Vancouver’s Fox Cabaret on November 6 for all of you locals.

Find out more here.

Happy Listening (and Happy Hallowe’en, too).

Jim Brown Sings “Richard”

A sepia-toned western tale full of plaintive and hushed vocals, thrumming acoustic guitar, and with murmuring electric guitar floating in the background like a comforting memory that’s tragically just out of reach. Singer-songwriter Jim Brown’s portrait of a badman who knows the end is near touches on Townes Van Zandt and Nebraska-mode Springsteen.

Listen here, pilgrims.

Brown’s new record is called The Devil on the Other Shoulder, out now.

Learn more here.

Happy Listening!

Chersea Sings “I Can’t Be You”

R&B with a kind of epic orchestral feel. But, there’s no orchestra in the conventional sense. Through a series of loops as a backdrop and with a soaring voice on top complete with jazzy colouring, your ears and your imagination will fill in the aural picture.

Find out what I mean.

Here’s Vancouver, BC’s Chersea.


Her new album is called In Limbo. It’s out right now.

Happy Listening!

The Dirty Nil Play “Pain of Infinity”

Dundas, Ontario rock band and Hamilton, Ontario scensters The Dirty Nil have released their latest record Master Volume, and are set to go on tour with dates in North America and in Europe, too. Here’s a cut off of it and the second single, “Pain of Infinity”.

The Dirty Nil have been around for a while by now, having painstakingly built an audience by crafting a sound that touches on the energy of punk, but – to be clear – they’re not a punk band. They’re a rock band, kids.  Their sound is characterized by a keen sense of varied texture within a rock set up, in-the-red volume levels, and by old-fashioned pop hooks.

I was lucky enough to encounter the band’s music around the time their debut song, the pointedly titled “Fuckin’ Up Young” came out. I even got to interview them! At that time, their songwriting approach was purely instinctual, fuelled by the love of loud music, TV shows about explosions, and prodigious beer consumption. I suspect that with this song and the new album, not much has changed. And after winning a Juno for upcoming group of the year in 2017,  and relentlessly playing shows (including as an opening act for The Who!) to hone their craft, their new album Master Volume is set to push the band into the next phase.

Find out more about The ‘Nil at their official site.

Buy the record and get merch right here.

Happy Listening!

Gamblers Play “Corinthian Order”

Happy/sad indie pop from Brooklyn, NY’s Gamblers. It’s “Corinthian Order”, an anthem not so much to a dramatic break-up as it is about the slow death of a relationship. Here’s the video, friends.

Time to watch.

Gamblers is fronted by Michael McManus, who in another life is an accomplished hip-hop producer. That stream of musical interest seems pretty far away from this (to my ears) eighties-influenced post-punk pop song with a breathy lead vocal full of resignation. Gamblers’ line up is rounded out by Gary O’Keefe (lead guitar, backing vocals, production), Boris Palacios (guitar, keyboard, production), and Evan O’Donovan (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals).

The video was shot in a defunct DIY venue Suburbia, and seems to be a character itself in the story of a bereft man cast appropriately in literal blue through out whose life as he knows it is slipping away from him. It was shot by filmmaker Tyler Walker who started working with the band after overhearing them talk about music videos in a cafe that McManus’ family has owned and operated since 1936. Walker was serving tables at the time, including the band’s that night. Right place, right time strikes again!

This song is the title cut from their upcoming EP Corinthian Order, out now.

Get more insight on Gamblers at their official site. Be sure to check out the animated video for another song on the new EP, “We’re Bound to Be Together”, also directed by Tyler Walker.

Happy listening!