Four-Star Riot Play “Beautiful Soul”

Four-Star riot hail from Clearwater, Florida, trading in guitar-driven power pop that’s done a bit of lifting and has put on some brawn.

The band, made up of Steve Alex (vox and guitar), Mike Chilton (vox, drums), Aaron Akers (bass, vox), and Finn Walling (lead guitar, vox) will debut their newest record Daylight next week, June 15 via The Orchard.

In the meantime, here’s choice cut from that record to enjoy right now, friends.

“Beautiful Soul” is line with the album’s hopeful title. It’s the closing track on Daylight about finding beauty in everyone even if it takes a while to do so. Listen!

As it turns out, the song has some significance to the rest of the album, being something of a bright spark to kick the whole thing off. I talked with Steve Alex via email about that. He explained.

It was the first song we recorded for this album and really the catalyst for the whole thing. We were playing a show a in St. Pete late 2016. Steve Connelly who recorded and mixed the album was the sound engineer at that show (and) liked the song.(He) asked us if we wanted to record it with him at his studio. The track turned out great and the experience was pleasant, so we started writing and tracking the rest of the songs two or three at a time. 


The rest of the record is replete with anthems that make you want to jump around, break things, and hug people. It’s full of radio-friendly melodies, crunchy guitar, and impassioned vocals.

Most importantly, Four Star Riot demonstrate an ability to create music that connects with some pretty relatable themes within all of that, with “Beautiful Soul” being a fine example both on the new album and in general.

For more about Four Star Riot here are some important links on which to get to clicking, friends:

Official band site

Facebook page

YouTube channel

Instagram feed

Remember too, the new record Daylight comes out June 15.


Happy Listening!

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