Savvie Sings ” Creature of Habit”

This week’s feature centers on singer-songwriter Savannah Wellman, known professionally as Savvie. This new song, “Creature of Habit”,  is something of a return to the spotlight for the Vancouver-based artist, following up 2015’s full length Night Eyes.

More recently, Savvie worked with producer John Raham, with “Creature of Habit” as the very welcome result of their work together.

This song is a reflection of the drive to be what one is. For Savvie, it’s about putting music out there.

Noisy and crunchy rock music with loads of hooks to latch onto in particular is a part of the songwriter’s habit, and providing a tune that may otherwise be habit-forming for you, too.

Have a listen.

Learn more about Savvie at

Happy listening!

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