Major Sings “Better With You In It”

With great panache and not just a hint of theatricality comes pop soul and r&b arbiter who goes by the name Major (his actual birth name, mind). This is his latest single, an anthem to love.

Have a listen.

This is a song that falls into the genre of soul music, I suppose. But there’s some traditional pop in there, too. It sounds to me like a showtune from a show that doesn’t exist – yet. “Better With You In It” is a love song in the old school. Yet too, it’s a tender expression of male affection free of bravado and posturing, even if Major’s effervescent personality that exudes self-confidence is very much in place. Not many could pull off a throne and crown in their video, and still manage to sound humble in the face of love.

This isn’t exactly Major’s first rodeo in the pop music game. In addition to his own career as a solo artist, he’s written tunes for other artists as well, including Ariana Grande. His song “Why I Love You” caught the attention of one Stevie Wonder, who declared it to be the “wedding song of the summer”. This cut, “Better With You In It”, is featured on his upcoming new record Even More, due out on September 7, 2018.

In the meantime, check out these links.

Official site




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