Amethysts Play “How It Is”

Happy New Year, Lighting Buggists! Still working on a nickname for you listeners out there, as you can tell.

Never mind.

Opening the doors again for 2019 after a hectic end to 2018, this song by Amethysts, an ethereal dream pop duo from East Anglia, UK, is just the thing.


“How It Is” may be your anthem for a new year, being as it is about not accepting things as they are, but rather examining what can be changed for the better. You don’t have to accept how things are all the time. Sometimes, you can change them. So you should when you can.

Not a bad approach to living your life, right?

Meanwhile, Amethysts are making waves in their native Britain, including some definitive showings on BBC1 and BBC6 and with some successful headlining shows in (That) London.

This song is actually one-half of a double A-side single, twinned with “Imitate Me”.

To learn more, simply investigate

Happy Listening, and Happy New Year!


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