Charlotte Cornfield Sings “Andrew”

A languorous and contemplative indie-rock love song from Toronto-based, Montreal-bred singer-songwriter Charlotte Cornfield. This is her new single “Andrew”, a harbinger for her soon-to-drop new full-length record The Shape of Your Name, out April 5, 2019.

Have a listen!

The song reflects a sense of quiet helplessness; seeing someone you know take a path that’s ultimately not good for them, wanting to shake some sense into them, but realizing that such an action would be ultimately fruitless.

Charlotte Cornfield has been on the scene in Canada for many years by now, building up her momentum as an artist and a dedicated following along with her. In and out of different bands of various genres, and with a formal education in jazz drumming, she took all of those experiences and influences and poured them into her music. Among those influences, her songwriting reflects a modern take on the Laurel Canyon-style confessional style, taking autobiographical raw materials to make her songs into aural indie films that play in your head as you listen.

She recently signed with Outside Music (The Besnard Lakes, The Hidden Cameras, etc), with the upcoming The Shape of Your Name being her third full-length.

Around the time her first record Two Horses came out in 2011,  I had a chance to interview Charlotte Cornfield about her background and her approach to songwriting. You can read that piece right here while you wait for the new album to come out on the Next Door Records label.

Otherwise, you should check out for more music, and for news on the upcoming record.

Happy Listening!

One thought on “Charlotte Cornfield Sings “Andrew”

  1. She’s everywhere!! Heard Charlotte this morning on CBC’s q show and now on your excellent review site. She’s been a favourite for a long time now after a chance encounter at a wee hole-in-the-wall club in Ottawa – ten years back. I think she was opening for Daniel Romano that night. A few months later she preceded another performer at Wakefield’s Black Sheep. On both occasions I was convinced she was the better talent, but there you go – that’s showbiz!

    Had those first two EP’s on constant rotation on the ipod and rounded up the subsequent recordings as soon as they turned up. I touted her to friends as “a tall gawky girl singing her gawky songs”. I guess that sounds rude but not to my mind – she’s just unconventional in her approach to her career, her music, and her lyrics.

    I’m so pleased she’s getting the exposure she deserves, and thanks for helping to spread the word.

    Future Landfill


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