Royal Sings “Vessel”

Spare and stark, awash in late Autumn rainy-day melancholy and with a soulful vocal at the center of it all. Vancouver’s Royal (neé Jodi Pederson), lays it bare on this solo acoustic version of a track off of her most recent record, Heart of Shadows, released last week.

The song explores a familiar theme of losing oneself in longing for another, a thread that runs through many of the songs on the record.

Here’s the studio version, which puts a distinct downtempo electronica spin on the song. Yet, that melancholy remains.

For more on Royal, investigate her website.

Happy listening!

Pack of Three: Clean Spill, Leitvox, Susie Scurry

We are reaching the end of the spring season, friends and neighbours. In this hemisphere, summer is nearly upon us. We need a soundtrack to sustain us, as always.

For this week’s Pack of Three, we have a selection of auditory goodies to snack on as we savour the last of Spring 2018. As a bonus, it’s an all-video edition.

So, put on your goggles and dive in!


“Doctor” by Clean Spill

Name: Clean Spill

From: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Sound: Languid and groove-oriented garage rock with some unexpected angles a la The Pixies and The Strokes.

Story: This song is about a dog, the titular Doctor to be exact, and a dog’s life from his point of view. But it’s also about us, carried along by circumstance and very easily manipulated by forces that play on our base desires while real meaning for it all stays out of our grasp so much of the time.

That would be a pretty heavy (although very resonant!) set of themes if the music didn’t provide such a compelling and entertaining counterbalance. The single is a lead to their upcoming new EP Nothing’s On My Mind, coming out this summer.




“Moon” by Leitvox

Name: Leitvox

From: Miami, FLA, USA (via Mexico City, Mexico)

Sound: Downtempo electronica with hushed and sensual vocals and ambient, 80s synthpop influences

Story: This track represents the new EP Coded Matter from Mexican-born and Miami based producer Leitvox relased just last week. Featuring dance duo Carlota Pradera and Lazaro Godoy in the video, and the vocals of Maye Osorio, this song evokes a melange of emotions with impressionistic lyrics and euphoric electronic atmospheres.

This single and EP is the result of a busy and prolific year for Leitvox, following up 2017’s Floating Promises full-length, and  having also recently released yet another video this year, “Ingenue”.








“The Elvis Hour ” by Susie Scurry

Name: Susie Scurry

From: Melbourne, Australia

Sound:  Retro-sixties countrified lounge-pop as adorned by Nico/Astrud Gilberto-tinged lead vocals

Story: A big fan of Richard Hawley and his Coles Corner album, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Susie Scurry (the artist previously known as The Grand Mazoogi) sought out Hawley producer Colin Elliot. They then recorded the new The Elvis Hour EP in Sheffield. This is the title track, a breezy and downright summery (with a few clouds gathering) tune, complete with a video featuring footage of another hero.

That hero would be Elvis Presley, a cat who covered a lot of ground for a man who died at 42. Maybe you’ve heard of him, kids. The song is packed with the kind of wistful melancholy that I cannot resist. And neither will you! The new EP is out on June 22. In July, Susie Scurry is embarking on an east coast tour of Australia.





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What’s the good word on the above, friends? What stands out for you? Tell me all about it in the comments section.

Happy Listening!