Kate Lomas Sings “Leave Out the Lows”

Bouncy and positive pop music, full of blippy synths and a subtle reggae feel. Maybe a Lily Allen comparison would be a bit lazy of me to make. But, there it is anyway.

Here’s Wiltshire-bred, London-based Kate Lomas with “Leave Out the Lows”

The song is a single that is the third in a series of collaborations with producer-mixer Guy Britton, demonstrating a lightness of touch to this song about not sweating the small stuff, and giving the people we love a bit more slack when it comes to minor slights. In the era we’re in right now, we have bigger fish to fry. So, leave out the lows, everyone.

The song has garnered some attention in Lomas’ native Great Britain, with BBC1 “track of the week” accolades and BBC Introducing features. In the middle of Brexit chaos and daily Trumpster fires, goodness knows anthems to positivity and the enjoyment of simple pleasures are needed!

To learn more about Kate Lomas, visit katelomas.co.uk.

Happy listening!


Pack of Three: Becoming Bristol, Confusionaires, Morten Lava

This is the first “pack of three” post ever, friends; a weekly series that groups three magnificent, although sometimes very stylistically disparate, musical gems together.

This week, we have a selection of aural delights ranging from chilled out pop electronica, to boot-stompin’ Saturday night rockabilly, to pastoral and introspective folk-pop.

Get stuck in!


Becoming Bristol, “Sort Myself Out”

Name: Becoming Bristol.

From: Seattle, Washington.

Sound: Spacey and relaxed pop music with dreamily ambient electronic textures.

Story: Once monikered “The Exchange”, Becoming Bristol is a new musical entity, with this song being an anthem to starting again while taking responsibility for the past, too. Being in a band and touring since their teens, you can understand how autobiographical this song might be.

Links: Facebook, Instagram, band site


Confusionaires, “Everybody’s Talking (But Nobody’s Talking to Me)”

Name: Confusionaires

From: Edmonton, Alberta

Sound: Rollickin’ three-piece twangy barroom rockabilly.

Story: This tune is featured on their newest record, Time to Make a Little Mess With …, contrasting the ballsy swing of the music with the socially awkward narrative found in the lyrics. I can relate to both, of course! Also, here’s the live version.

Links: Facebook, band site, Bandcamp


Morten Lava, “In A Daydream”

Name: Morten Lava

From: Denmark (now based in London)

Sound: Wistful, melancholic, harmony-laden acoustic folk-pop.

Story: Trading in a sound that hooks into a similar sonic territory as José Gonzalez, Morten Lava’s (nee Larsen’s) music is an exploration across genres, and with plenty of atmosphere to enjoy along the way. The EP In A Daydream, was released today! To those of you within range, Morten is doing an EP launch party today at the Notting Hill Arts Club in Kensington, London.

Links: Buy the EP on iTunes, artist site.


This is the part where I ask you your favourites of the three, friends. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Happy Listening!