Destroy Boys Play “Soundproof”

Dual Left Coast rock n’ roll fury with a smirk and a crunch. Oakland, California-based duo Destroy Boys are Lead singer Alexia Roditis and guitarist Vi Mayugba, with a new record insistently titled Make Room out right now.

This is the single, and proof as to why Billie Joe Armstrong is a fan.

Considering themselves as the inheritors of Riot Grrl, the band formed in 2015 and writing their debut single “Think I Should Make Out With Other People” that same year. They proceeded to tour up and down the coast to build an appreciative fanbase. Soon after they found themselves name-checked in Rolling Stone, straight from the lips of the aforementioned Armstrong.

Not bad for a couple of high school students.

Nowadays the band are at college while still maintaining their output and touring schedule, confronting the world that is traditionally hostile to women who wish to forge their own paths, inside the music industry and out.

It all comes out in the songs.

So, what of this song, which is all about singer Roditis’ relationship with the act of singing itself? Well:

“‘Soundproof’ is a culmination of my thoughts and doubts about singing. I used to be skeptical of the praise people would give me and those doubts stick with me to this day. However, I’ve gotten over a lot of those fears, and now I’m sure I sound good. I like to walk around outside before we perform as a way to calm my nerves and get away from people’s attention. It’s a lot! Lots of eyes, judging, and I think “Soundproof” captures my fears pretty well. [New Noise Magazine, September, 2018. Read the whole article]

You can stream the new record on Spotify.

Learn more about Destroy Boys at their website.

Happy listening!