Welcome to Radio Free Lightning Bug

I am a music writer.

Or at least up until December of 2017, I was.

For ten years, I authored a moderately popular blog called The Delete Bin. You can still visit that site right here. If I do say so myself, there’s some pretty good stuff there.

In December of 2017, I retired that noble blog. It was time. Today, June 2 2018, I’ve started this project – Radio Free Lightning Bug. And welcome to it, friends.

(image – Ryan Atkins)

Why did I start this? Especially considering that I stopped writing The Delete Bin because I complained at the time that the golden age of the blog had passed. I still believe that to be true.

Yet, here’s the thing and at the danger of repeating myself; I am a music writer. I can’t help it.

With RFLB, I will have an outlet again, free of the format and identity of The ‘Bin. Since I want to preserve that former identity, I thought I’d start fresh. Simple as that.

But how else will Radio Free Lightning Bug differ from its predecessor?

Mainly by focusing on independent music.

During the ten years spent helming the ‘Bin, I kind of sidelined in featuring new music from up and coming, or even struggling, musicians and songwriters. I discovered just how much great stuff is being made now, and so much of it deserves a wider audience.

Maybe I won’t be able to push it to the stratosphere.

But, I can provide some molecules of fuel to help and present it to music fans in a way I feel it deserves to be.

That’s the mission of this project; to amplify, however minutely or otherwise, the music being made by brilliant and perhaps not widely known artists.

I will post showcases of artists. I will create playlists for readers and listeners. I may do some interviews too, if anyone’s amenable.

In any case, thanks for considering this humble project of mine.

I will do my best.

Rob Jones

Radio Free Lightning Bug Editor-in-Chief



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